Thursday, June 19, 2014

Long and Short

Swung by Long & Short at the Intercontinental Marine drive,  one of my fav new bars a few days ago. They invited us over for a Sunday brunch to hang out with their new team led by Manas Krishnamoorthy who has arrived from The Imperial. 

The Mojito is my fav Summer cocktail and this one was on the money and i love the little jars, though they are found everywhere now, i still love em. 

the salad was a little disappointing as it just did not come together for me. a little too sweet, not enoug bitter or cheese. 

the focaccia was terrific, tasted this one and another both were kickass. 

whiskey with maple syrup, so weird it has to be tried
I was only there for a short while, the drinks are good but the food is the real star at this place. 

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