Friday, March 28, 2014

New King Of Matunga Breakfasts - Arya Bhavan

Rest : Muthuswamy's Arya Bhavan
Meal : Breakfast
Loc : Opp Matunga Station

I am a sucker for South Indian food which means i end up in Matunga on Sunday mornings with mates getting breakfast at the usual haunts (anwwhere except Cafe Mysore)Recently we decided to check out Arya Bhavan, quite a bit annoyed with myself that i had never given them a go, despite the Muthuswamy tag.

For those who don't know Muthuswamy is the most famous South Indian caterer in the city, weddings parties, massive dinners at clubs, the guy is a hit and over the years, the quality has been unchanging. We've had him over to my parents terrace a few times for family gatherings, so its just doubly embarrassing not to have been there before.

its a split level eatery only slightly fancier than the old guard, since its probably been renovated or redone once Muthuswamy took over management. Other than that, its pretty much interchangeable in terms of how it operates and serves.

The menu is large but they also serve North Indian and other snacks which under most conditions is unacceptable but i guess we must all take things with a pinch of salt.

we started with the upma, soft and damn near the best upma i have ever had anywhere. terrific. 

my first time having a thaat idli which i am told is basically Idli made in a plate of some kind. so its not fluffy as the regular idli. good stuff this as well. 

the mysore masala was pretty good, just about spicy, well done and heavy with ghee. the red mysore garlic chutney is a hallmark of muthuswamy and a must try. 

the coffee was unfortunately just about passable. 

love the classic coca cola bottle , so a gratuitous shot. 

overall the food was terrific, everything was very good and it was nice to be surprised like this. They also have appams and stew on the menu so i can't wait to go back around lunch.

It is on the expensive side vis a vis other restuarants in the area.

Food : 9
Service : 8
Damage : 600 for 3. 

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