Friday, January 17, 2014

Vinay Health Home

When you walk through the doors of Vinay Health Home you can easily tell that it has been around for quite sometime. Despite the slight modernization, of the space, the ambiance retains the aura of the ancien regime.

Located in the Thakurdwar which is now a spectacularly busy commercial area with narrow lanes. Parking is impossible as is the noise.  Although famous for typical Maharashtrian fare, they also serve sandwiches, limited South Indian fare as well as milk shakes (egad) and fresh juices (I reckon the disparate cuisine is down to the emerging cosmopolitanism of the neighborhood) 

Despite the expansive menu, i was only there for one thing. The Misal which I am a big fan of. I have had the misal at Vinay before with my dad and i found it a tad too spicy the last time. Maybe the frequently ordered, delicious but extremely inauthentic version from Swati has dulled my senses a little.

This one was however stunning, easily the best, i have had. The spicy dish paired with some slightly cold, creamy yoghurt. Sheer bliss this was. 

A  gratuitous close up of the dahi misal against which all future dahi misal shall be compared.  I must say that this was so good, i ordered another one. They do have some other dishes i would like to try out some day but unless i go in a rather large group i don't think ill every get around to moving beyond the Misal.
Food : 9/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : minimal 


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