Monday, January 27, 2014


Ramanayak Udipi has been around for near 75 years, serving simple, relatively inexpensive, authentic udipi meals. the place is crazy busy during week day Lunch. Higly recommend you don't bother if  you are going to show up at 1pm or in a large group.

For me Ramanayak is a once in a month affair and if i don't get my fix i get pretty antsy and unhappy to be around. My fav dining companion the wife is not a fan of the place and likes selective dishes from the cuisine. So my explorations of Ramanayak and its ilk are very quick and rather lonely affairs.

So this time i got my buddy Reema () and her husband Prasanna to tag along. It was something we had been talking for quite a while and Reema tried her hardest to be as late as possible but eventually she did make it.

the long wait was cut short since i had already picked up the little silver tokens for the full meals and off we went to chow.

Fermented dahi and buttermilk are pretty much my fav things in the world i believe. 

The rest of the meal pictured here was stellar as always. The two gravies,  the red potato was fab, the dry was cabbage and something which was pretty good too. The white gravies are usually rather flat, blandish to taste but not bad per se. The rasam was nice but not their best one, he sambar was on the money as was the pyayasam.  

Overall, the wait was long, the company good and the food stellar. What is not to like?

All for a 150 Rs.must go back soon. 

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