Monday, October 07, 2013

Vetro - A truly mega afternoon.

I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship with Vetro, didn't like the first time i was there, the second time they had truffles all over the menu which was good. Then there was one afternoon i spent watching a Michelin star chef do his thing. Granted i am a lot warmer towards them then i was when this dance began. 

The menu has been revamped but continues in the same vein with the greatest hits of Italian cuisine. I also admire any restaurant that puts a proper cheese course on its menu. 

Before the meal began we ended up in Enotecca which is their wine library, ive been in there a few times now and its never been anything less than good solid fun. We spent 90 mins here, which was quite unexpected. But restaurant manager Mayan & Manohar who was introduced to us as their wine guru spoke with a lot of passion and kept pouring. I especially enjoyed the sweet white Danzante and also the Barolo was quite promising. 

The ciabatta was munched on while we waited for the food. The dipping sauce was a little spicy but enjoyable, there was another cauliflower dipping sauce which was pretty interesting too. 

the Danzante, a good enjoyable summer wine. 

The pickled veggies were interesting, not necessarily something i would order. The Caprese of course is a stable and a good mark to judge a restaurant by. The simplest of dishes it lives and dies by the freshness of its ingredients. This one was spot on. 

The parmesan and black truffle ravioli pictured here is one of the most amazing things i have tasted. All flavour, must go back just for this. The risotto was okay, a tad light on flavour but mercifully not bland. The aglio oglio was done to perfection. 

the Barolo, i think. although the colors seem off. 

The Parmigiana is a baked eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce and another one of those truly diabolical dishes. All kinds of wonderful flavours. The Onion on the other hand was the weaker dish of the too. 

Terrific desserts here, the first one was quite unusual, a chocolate cake with olive oil rather than butter and cream. takes over eighteen hours to make and in the middle is the zest of blood oranges.Heady stuff, tasted like a really fresh Jaffa Cake. The tiramisu was pretty good as was the Mango panacotta. the blueberry ice cream again, was made in house and was terrific. 

All in all not only was it a super lunch, i believe there are a few dishes on the menu which promise even greater delights. The service was also top notch, Mayan & Manohar know their stuf, Chef Prashant was at Ziya next door but has a solid grip on Italian as well.

Compared to my meal at Maritime, the food here is miles ahead. 

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