Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mai Tai for pre movie cocktails

Rest : MaiTai
Loc : Phoenix Mills,
Meal : Pre Movie Dinner & Drinks

The last time i went out for a movie, i spent a few mins sipping on Mai Tai's and enjoyed it immensely. So this time around too a bunch of us got together and chugged a few cocktails and had a burger or two before our screening of Gravity.

The Mai Tai is their signature cocktail and they do a bunch of variations on them as well. The Maui MT is decent and i especially enjoyed the Mango Mai Tai's (455) liberally laced with rum

The Senor Pico salad promises a lot but was quite weak, all one can taste is mayo, which is the key dressing but still, falls flat. 

terrific Falafal burger, not the most middle eastern of things but tasted awesome. marriage of bun and patty is essential and here its all harmony. loved it. fact, we ordered another one since this went so quick. 

i like the place and being situated right outside PVR means one can make an evening of it and not have to run or walk around too much. the food is good (what i have had so far, cept the salad) and the drinks are strong. Service is quick and friendly. be careful though, MaiTai's go down quick. 

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10

Damage: 4000 for 4 with drinks 

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