Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Rest : Peshawri
Meal : Dinner
Loc : ITC Grand Maratha

After a long day in Andheri, i had a meeting in the dreaded Andheri East area, to shorten the drive i set up the meeting at the ITC, they usually are stellar with their food and add to that my Culinary + membership which gets me good solid discounts, i figured it was the sensible course. 

Peshawri of course is essentially a replica of Delhi's famed Bukhara, from the menu to the decor, to the patently uncomfortable seating. We asked to be re-seated but were told they were sold out, which as it turns out was true. There was no seat empty by 930, not sure where this promised slow down is happening. 

we skipped the starters and went into the food, the Paneer Lababdar was suggested as a dry dish to contrast with the dal bukhara. The paneer was delicious, soft, succulent and it went down pretty well. 

the garlic naan was on the money as well. 

the dal bukhara for some reason has never worked correctly for me whilst here, Kebabs n Kurries at The other ITC property the Grand Central does an impeccable version. 

Peshawri is really a non-veg diners paradise however there is plenty for all players. The service is fairly quick and they are pretty friendly and ready to make suggestions. A large group should try the massive naan bukhara. 

To conclude my story on choosing the ITC, it turns out i forgot my culinary plus card and paid full price.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : FUBAR 


Raj Patel said...

What's FUBAR? How much did you pay in the end?

Gaurav said...

Hi Raj, FUBAR is an US armed forces acronym for
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

I paid round about 6k

Soham Shah said...

Lol @ FUBAR :)

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