Monday, September 30, 2013

Koh - Sriracha Festival

I first came across Sriracha back in college, when a Thai floor mate brought bottles from home, we used to use it as a dipping sauce for most things and called it chonburri sauce. Once i returned to India, the flavours were kind of forgotten.
So when i heard that Koh at the Intercontinental was doing a whole menu around this fairly spicy concoction, i was quite intrigued and happy to accept the invite. Koh is an anomaly when it comes to Thai cuisine in India. They do seem stuff which is traditional and some which is just totally out there. I don't end up there nearly as often as id like much to my regret. 

just for the record i would like to offer this little bowl of pure lava, the hottest thing i have ever tasted. Not Sriracha but their regular hot sauce and boy is it hot.

their regular little amuse bouche is delightfully trick to consume. 

the Sriracha Mary was awesome. id have had another one but it was a smart move not to as it was about to get very very spicy.

a shot of soup, hot, fiery and the corn was much appreciated. a bowlful of this would be much fun. Not the most Thai of things but then again, this isnt your traditional menu. 

steamed dumplings in sriracha sauce. very well done. they fell apart but they were delicious. any light flavorued dumpling can only get taste awesome when bathed in a hot sauce like this. 

the cream cheese wantons were possibly the best thing on the menu. absolutely loved em, wish i gotten some more. 

The tofu was alright, a lot of people dont like tofu but i dont mind it. works well with the sauce. 

the rice went well with the saucy tofu. very well done and fortunately not too dry. 

There was asparagus, mushrooms in sriracha which was excellent. The best main on the menu by far. 

the guava crumble i have had a few times at Koh and i believe its their signature dessert. Although personally i am a little bored with it now. 

the little honey pops were a complete misfire. didnt enjoy them at all. 

Overall, the food was excellent, the restaurant has come a long, long way from my first meal which was a disappointment. The Srircha festival too is a great idea and is well imagined. A lot of the dishes are built around the spice and at times it just serves as the dipping sauce.

The drawback being of building a menu across a super hot sauce is that its not for the meek at heart. The desserts were weak and i was surprised they didnt try and incorporate sriracha in the desserts, that would have been interesting. 


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I didn't know they could make so many things from that chill sauce! You make me wanna try them!

What surprises me is guava crumble??

Gaurav said...

i guess you can. they made their own Sriracha, it didnt come out of a bottle either.

Guava Crumble, works well but i have had it too many times. and it really does crumble quick.

desh said...

I like Sriracha but it somehow my ability to gobble up such high ratings on scoville scale has dropped. These were just too many in one go!!

Although offlate I have developed a liking for Naga chillies pickled in mustard oil...also have stocked up some dry chutney made from the extremely firey variety of guntoor chillies

Gaurav said...

Yeah, same here man. i guess its old age :) the thing with these was that some had it as a sauce some as the main ingredient. so it wasn't as overwhelming but it was still a lot. well executed however.

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