Friday, April 12, 2013


Rest : Hornby's Pavilion
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Lower Parel

On an atrocious day when nothing worked, we decided on our long drive back from the far suburbs to stop by and have a decent lunch. Since we hadnt been to the ITC in a while we decided to give them a shot.

True to form the spread is massive as would be expected from a chain like ITC. They have salads, appetizers, hors d'ouvrese, plenty for even the most picky. 

The dips, salsa, hummus etc were first rate, fresh and tasty. 

The appam and stew were freshly made and possibly the best thing they served. absolute winner

the Indian selection was very weak, the generic paneer, the non descript black dal, for some reason the Indian selection at Hornby's is always weak, unless its part of a festival. 

A decent selection of cheese. 

beverages are not part of the buffet. 

good stuff if you stick to salads, south Indian etc. The Chinese selection has almost never been half way decent, let alone acceptable. So the mains are to be avoided

the dessert selection is fairly expansive.

Overall, everything was great except the Indian & Asian main courses which were below par as they always have been. So in essence i should not really have been disappointed.

Service was excellent as usual, quick and attentive.

Food : 6/10
Service 8/10
Damage : 2000 pp.

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