Monday, April 29, 2013


Rest : CPK
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Lower Parel

The Mexifornia festival was happening at the CPK outlets across Bombay and i was invited to hang with some of my super entertaining fellow bloggers. My experience with CPK has been wildly inconsistent, going from very bad to pretty good. 

The Tacos, i was a little disappointed with, considering we were going Mexifornia, we really could have avoided Paneer. The rice was not too bad but the taco suffered. Its well and good to go native, i think its a commendable effort but there is clearly so much more that CPK can do with Mexican in mind. 

The Banana Chocolate milkshake was fantastic, just super delicious. 

The Enchiladas too had the same Paneer filling, however these werent half bad, i did enjoy them. the portions were kinda small and they could have done way more with these. another missed chance.

The pizza was not too bad, thin crust, with beans, onions though it was on the HOT side, not for everyone.. should come with a warning. The portion too was pretty big. 

I am not a Churros fan, however the mousse was pretty delicious. 

Overall, if CPK make a few valid tweaks to their menu here, they will have a winner on their hands, it is kind of neither here nor there for now. 

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