Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pantry

Rest The Pantry
Meal Lunch
Loc Kala Ghoda

The Pantry is one of the slew of new restaurants that have mushroomed up in last few months. A bunch of other restaurants Paratha Mantra, Kala Ghoda Cafe, Trishna, Oye Kakke  are located in the immediate vicinity, beware there is absolutely no parking.

The Menu is relatively small, they serve breakfast until 1pm, beyond that there are some quiches, salads and pasta. I am all for limited menus that rely on local produce and supplies, ergo a set that changes daily even... is fine by me.

We started with possibly the smallest glass of lemonade ever served in a restaurant. Not sure what the skinting was about but since it was pretty ordinary it was perhaps a good thing it was not a tall glass.

The Gorgonzola with fresh apple was disgusting, left uneaten. A horrid combination if there ever was one.
Seasonal vegetable lasagna too was extremely weak, not much to go on here. I like the dry style but there was just no flavour.

The Marguerite salad was decent, a little too tangy but the sour, sweet tartiness worked well.

The Potato cream pie too was not going anywhere.. nothing going on here. The serving of salsa on the side was used in copious quantities to liven up the dishes as much as possible.

Overall, the place is pleasantly designed, kinda like smoke house deli but thats where the similarity ends. The menu is limited and i am all for limited menus using fresh available produce but that is not borne out by the flavours. The dishes dont work either individually or together and really need a total re-imagining.

Service was quick and friendly.

Food : 3/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1300


desh said...

Gaurav your blog is slowly turning out to be the perfect guide to where not to eat and what not to order :)

Gaurav said...

i wish that made me happy bro.. im losing shit loads of money on bad food.

Ticking the Bucketlist said...

Went here twice over the last one month....delicious and fresh food. Great service too...not to forget the ambiance is totally rocking!

In fact, it had the best mini pie that we had ever eaten...flaky pastry and rich filling...yum yum yum...

Did you just have a bad day...or did you revisit? Did you even inform the chef that you did not like a dish and whether he can offer you something better?

Gaurav said...

hi, i dont remember if i told em anything, this was a while ago. also, you can send one thing back but not everything. perhaps you got lucky. i haven't the courage to go back

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