Saturday, November 03, 2012


Rest : DiNapoli
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Dalamal Towers, Nariman Point

Ever get the feeling you've been robbed?(apologies to the Sex Pistols) but that's just how i feel. Of late the culinary scene in Bombay has been heaving,  new restaurants seem to be opening every week.

In the last few three months i can quickly count Serafina, The Pantry, Umame, Arola, Kofuku, Otto Infinito as some. Set top open shortly are a Trader Vic's, A new Sundance Cafe and hell we even got a bunch of Starbucks outlets.

Naples was the birthplace of the Margherita and the Neapolitan style pizzas that Di Napoli does should be made of San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella cheese besides other specifications.

Located in a busy Nariman Point building, there is no chance of finding parking here and if you wish to swing by park at Inox or just cab it.

The space is mid sized, the walls are bare concrete/cement which I particularly love. The rest of the space is pleasantly tiled in red and white, as is their giant wood fired oven.

Started with their tomato soup which was strictly okay, although the pesto drizzle made it work somewhat.

The Bruschetta had too much going on, simpler would be better, not that it was bad or anything.

Their speciality is pizza and there are about half a dozen to choose from in Veg & Non-Veg as well as Indian style Paneer & Butter Chicken.

Should have gone for the Margherita but somehow ended up with the mushroom. The construction of the pizza was lovely but it tasted absolutely bland. I dont mess around with my pizza by adding paprika or oregano, a good pizza should be able to stand for itself. This one was a complete waste. It tasted like paper (happening more and more this, ITC hotels Makhana Korma was just the same) 

The service and management too needs help. The waiters kept trying to take my plate away though i was till eating, there was still a slice left on the serving tray, in which case why would you try and grab my plate? Also, when you ask if you can clear the plate, wait for an answer, dont reach out for it all the same.

We were asked how the meal was and when Mrs.Jain mentioned that the pizza was bland, the person who asked the question (who i shall not name) very quickly and clumsily side stepped the comment saying a new menu was coming from this Monday which would be more Indian.

When mrs.Jain said that the ethnicity of the menu was not the problem, we were further told that since Indian's like to get more toppings as value for money (what the fuck?) they were addressing that issue.

Mrs.Jain, persistent girl that she is again mentioned that the pizza was bland, the sauce was not properly spread and these issues have nothing to do with the answers being given was further told that the ingredients are being imported from Italy (which is true, i did see a CAN of tomatoes somewhere) and that the other pizzerias use local ingredients etc.

Anyway, i could go on but all in all the food was strictly okay, the pizza itself looks promising but they have to really get their act together with taste. If they want to appeal to the Indian palate all they need do is offer some heavier flavours, the value for money topping idea is ridiculous. 

Food : 6/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : 900


desh said...

As you mentioned all your experiences recently have been bad. These people are actually robbing us a lot.

Gaurav said...

sure does feel that way brother.

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