Monday, October 24, 2011

3am at Trattoria

Rest : Trattoria
Loc : Vivanta/Taj President, Cuffe Parade
Meal : 3am chow down

Trattoria (previous visits here, here)at the Taj President continues to be the perennial 3am joint, especially when hunger strikes during the glorious hours of 1 - 5 am. This is when 'Trats' really comes alive, in my near 20 years that i have been goin there, i dont think i have ever been there when the sun was out.

To be fair, Trats is more than a late night coffee shop, they serve just one cuisine and is actually a far superior alternative when compared to the traditional something for everyone 5 star coffee shops such as Shamiana at the Taj Palace & Tower or Bayview at Marine Plaza which are more or less nearby.

The roast tomato soup with goats cheese, was brilliant, not as good as the one from Hornby's Pavilion but still pretty good.

Followed up with a salad of spinach with feta, walnut and a balsamic vinaigrette, possibly the weakest dish of the evening. Looked like a winning mix, bitter spinach, sour feta and sweet drizzle, its a combination that has worked well before but this time just sort of fell flat.

The garlic bread served with the soup was yummy, unfortunately the bread basket that came in otherwise was pretty bare. Seems like five stars are scrimping nowadays as well.

The pizzas on the menu are all top notch, i dont think i have ever had a bad one. This one was a thin crust with peppers and olives. Just brilliant. I usually pick their lasagna which is luscious and the wife always goes for the pizza. Smart woman that.

A mousse of some kind from what i recall, we skipped on the tiramisu, not bad but nothing spectacular.

On the whole, the restaurant continues to serve awesome food, so long as you stick to the tried and tested dishes, experiment too much and you could end up with something below par. Be prepared for a large, extremely noisy crowd even at 3 am, the place is quite a fish market, with a fair sprinkling of obnoxious drunks during the weekend.

Service is quick and friendly as expected.

What is your fav 3am place?

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2000 without drinks.

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