Wednesday, March 23, 2011

China Garden

Rest : China Garden
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Om Chamber, Kemps Corner

Back at China Garden after a long time (previous visit here)We walked in on a week night, around 8.30ish and the place was filled with capacity.

Few restaurants are the part of cuisine in Bombay like China Garden, one of the old guard, though they were down for a while they were never really out. A large part of my eating out memories CG will always be a special place.

Not the original Indian-Chinese joint but definitely the most popular and well known.

One of my fav things about their menu is how it looks like a proper Chinese restaurant menu..the yellow paper with red printing, too large, separate sections according to meat.

the space itself is well laid out and fairly wide spread, and even when packed to the gills, dim lighting and decent spacing means you can get yourself some privacy if needs be. CG has never really looked overtly Chinese or Indian, everytime i am there i feel like i am in another country.

Food is a delicious yet unapologetic mix of Indian with Chinese. We started with some onion pancakes which were awesome as well as some kung pao paneer which was also pretty awesome if a little spicy. We got half portions as their regular portions are HUGE.

i cant remember what we went for but i think they were veggies in a hot n sour sauce of some kind. good stuff. perfectly Indo-Chinese.

Was forced into the regular fried rice because the wife for some ridiculous reason would not agree to burnt garlic fried rice. the things we do for love.. sigh. (although it was not bad at all it was just not the burnt garlic)

The singapore noodles were awesome. add some vinegar to this and savour the goodness that is Indo-Chinese... perfect.

Overall, China Garden is probably the best Indian-Chinese restaurant in the city. I have been there often as a child and less as an adult as Chinese plays havoc with my stomach. Once in a while though, we are drawn to it like moths to the flame.

If you have guests over and want to show them how we have adapted and bettered good ol Chinese cooking.. take them here.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1800 without drinks


Sassy Fork said...

So good to read about China Garden after a long time.CG 83 is its new name,right?
About Chinese food upsetting your gut,asking the restaurant not to add MSG to yr food would probably help.Most restaurants today offer that option.

Gaurav said...

hey SF
it was CG83 when it reopened but even then i recall the menu still calling it China Garden.

As for the MSG.. nah. i dont mind it.. i go out for Chinese maybe twice a year now.. so it does not bother me..

Shoba Shrinivasan said...

Thats a nice post Gaurav...I love love restaurant reviews! The things we do for love....yes thats so true!! Love does make the world go round!


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