Saturday, February 24, 2007

China Garden

Restaurant - China Garden
Location - Om Chambers, Kemps Corner
Date - Feb 24
Meal -
Company - Ze Wife

Experience - It was a pleasure returning to China Garden after almost the best part of a decade. i just refused to go to CG in a mall! Anyway, the new decor is kind of cool, very swanky, dark lighting, no lower level however. The decor is fitting the times i guess. We had a table for 8pm and we got there and were seated at 8pm on time ( i remember a time when you would have to wait 3o mins for a table even after u showed up on time)

Drinks - Chardonnay, Bloody Mary both drinks were allright, the chardonnay went great with the food.

Meal- Tom Yum Soup, very good, slightly on the spicy side but full of good taste, not too lemony or gingery.
The Appetizers were Steamed Wontons (half portion 8 vs 12 in the full) and the Onion Pancakes. The wontons were alright, very generic, however the pancake was fantastic, extremely light, with a liberal helping of condiments and eating them one bite after another, they jammed very well.
The Main course was veggies & cottage cheese in schezuan sauce, and a half portion of teppan soba noodles. The Noodles were ok, almost hakkaish while the the veggies were great, the sauce seemed to have two different layers, one not spicy the other fiery, which was interesting and it allowed the spiciness to build rather than be there on the outset.

Overall a good meal, almost great but for 2 things - one we weren't very adventurous with the food and played it safe, as well as some things like the noodles and wantons being very generic (Still good) in their taste.

They have Dim Sum Lunches as well Mon-Fri which is cool coz i can walk it up :)
Service was pretty good attentive, quick and it was good to see Mr.Nelson Wang in attendance just like old times.

Damage Food (1100) Drinks (600) Total = 1700 ($38)

Rating Food 8.5/10 Service 9/10

China Garden & Piano Bar
201, Om Chambers, 123, August Kranti Marg,
Kemps Corner, Mumbai

23630841, 23630842


Lulu said...

hi gaurav
just visited your blog. very cool..
looking forward to keeping in touch through our respective blogs!

Anonymous said...

as a foodie, i enjoy these reviews. However, I happened to read recently that China Garden does not welcome nannies & maids.
What's up with this? If the patrons (irrespective of their career) are dressed appropriately and are willing to pay, they should be treated no differently than another patron.
It's extremely disheartening to know that Mr. Wang who was given an opportunity in India and worked from the bottom up is ignorant of basic human right.

Gaurav said...


I know what you mean, i have seen worse in other restaurants, where if you are white you are right. Its much worse to be a second class citizen in your own country.

Maybe China Garden disallow it to keep only the diners on the table and not for the help.

Personally, i am not a big fan of taking too young children into restaurants.

Fiona said...

Hi, in response to the last comment, i am of the opinion that its absolutely fair to keep maids and nannies away. Every rule is backed by a reason. Ive personally had a word with the management of the restaurant. Most parents leave kids unattended or have their maids behaving like those that they're running after. This is quite an inconvenience to all as well as dilutes the restaurant's credibility and ambiance.

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