Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tote - Sunday Brunch

Rest: Tote on the Turf
Meal : Sunday Brunch
Loc : Mahalaxmi Race Course,

I have reviewed Tote a few times before (here and here)and have a lot of love for their bar (the bar) Last month they announced a new Sunday brunch which has since been going strong and i had the opportunity to try it out.

Tote is a great place for a Sunday brunch, they have loads of floor space and the outdoors section is where the dining is laid out. Even though all the tables were packed, it did not get uncomfortable or too loud. The design is modern yet the sofas in one section give it this old world feel, its a curious blend of modern and the traditional, a little futuristic minimalism and a little nostalgia.

They had more than half a dozen salads but the standouts were the Panzanella, Spiced mushrooms in sundried tomato butter and the baby potatos.

The cocktails were flowing, big time, i stuck mostly to the caiprioshkas, which were replenished repeatedly without being asked. I had to actually sneak in my order for a bloody mary before they got me another caiprioshka. The drinks were delicious.

The wife stuck to Bellinis most of the afternoon, sneaking in a very strong pina colada towards the end. Excellent.

When it comes to food, the options are myriad, thankfully the folk at Tote use all the space they have been blessed with. The waffles were lovely, strawberry compote with maple syrup, fun way to start it off. They also had an assortment of breads, cookies and danishes to go along.

The wife and i then made a bee line for the live pasta counter. Again, plenty of sauces to choose from, the wife went for the al dente which was very good.

I went for the Arrabiata which was created, rather than premade, this was excellent as well. Works so much better when the dish is created rather than just bathed in a premade sauce.

We chose a plain ol margeritha which was again, excellent.

The grill section is fairly expansive, they have loads for the carnivores, there is also the khau-swey which i avoided. The grill section items i picked were the cajun corn on the cob, the bhavnagri chilly stuffed with cheese (mozzarella i think)

The triple choc mousse was great, the coffee rolls were okay, the baked yoghurt with mango was delicious.

There was also two additional sections of kebabs and indian tikkis, which were odd to see at Tote, however, i guess they have the space and there is no harm in it.

I avoided the Indian section because it was just too much variety and i couldnt handle any more. Its good to see them offer something Indian there and take snobbery out of the equation.

Overall, the food is excellent, lots of choices to pick from and something for everyone.

The drinks are delicious and keep on coming. The ambiance delightful and the space large.

The service is great, friendly and out to serve.

Possibly one of the finest ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Food : 8/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 1500 pp + taxes / 2200 + taxes with alcohol

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