Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool Chef - Delivery

Rest : Cool Chef
Meal : Snack

Cool Chef is a new joint that has opened recently at Warden Road, they deliver to our place which is not too far away. The menu is eclectic, with sushi, pizzas, paninis.

They have a small dining in section as well.

The Sushi was acceptable, i was hoping they offered a mix rather than just one kind but they didnt. Passable.

The burger was just disghusting. didnt have more than 2 bites i reckon.

Damage was about 450... absolute waste of time & money. Why do new neighbourhood restaurants always suck?


The knife said...

Jeez. 45o bucks for tripe. Good you warned people about it. I'll put it up on my Finely Chopped FB page

KS said...

You should really try out "Tangy Tomato" in the Matunga 5 gardens area to eat at probably the BEST neighbourhood restaurant around.
Its *tiny* -- no tables also, but its got brilliant tacos, foccacia sandwiches, and much more. They actually have good guac. :) :)

I live in townside too, and I make the trip out to see my sister who lives there primarily because of TT (I think we bond even better over it ;)). Super stuff.

Gaurav said...

KS, i have been meaning to go to Tangy Tomato but whenever i end up in that part of town its usually to go to Cafe Madras.. one of these days ill jaunt down there for sure.


Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Just stopped by to say hi :)

A regular reader, fellow food blogger!

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