Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Rest : Dome
Meal : Post movie cocktail
Loc : Intercontinental, Marine Drive

On our way home from a mid week evening showing at Inox, we thought of grabbing a quick drink at Dome, since we hadnt been there in a while, it was a return back to an old hunting ground. The place seemed smaller than i remembered but every table was taken, except the one we plonked down on.

Yours truly in the picture, only reason i put it up is to give you a hint of the fabulous view the Dome commands. Thought it has been surpassed by Aer in every aspect, design, space, layout ambiance it still commands a tremendous view. The space itself needs a reimagining though, people need to feel closer to the view which does not happen.

Diet coke :)

The bloody mary had an intense vodka flavour, not the best one i have had nor was it the worst. Passable concoction.

The menu at Dome is fairly expansive, they have their own grill section, as well as kebab selections from Kebab Corner (recommend) and an extensive Sushi section which i dived right into. I picked the mushroom maki rolls, which were not bad. Not great either and the dim DIM lighting made it difficult to sort out the wasabi.. above average.

Overall, the Dome has definetely lost some of its lustre and some of its thunder has since been stolen by Aer, yet the place has a charm of its own as well as a tremendous view. Its unfortunate that you cant really get close to it due to the way the space is set up.

Service is quick but aloof but then you should really go there only for the view!

Food : 710
Service : 7/10
Damage : 1600 (for one appetizer, one cocktail and a coke)

Intercontinental Marine Drive,
135 Netaji Subhash Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai


The knife said...

Dome has always been on my list. As you said, for the 'view'.

Chintan said...

Indeed!.. Dome for the great view..and ambiance..! and Kebab Corner for the awesome food... Also Just looking at Marine Drive gets you goosebumps...

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