Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Botticino - Avoid !

Rest :Botticino
Loc :Trident,BKC
Meal : Dinner

Botticino is supposed to be a take off the old Vetro from the Trident at Nariman Point. While i was never overtly impressed with Vetro, it was sort of allright.

Botticino however is a pale imitation (of a weak restaurantt to begin with) at best. The place is laid out well, in what is a gloriously designed hotel but the ambiance is more business without any cool factor or romance(for those that need that sort of thing)

The bread service was commendable, good stuff, variety of options, yet it was all about to go downhill from there.

The Minestrone was horribly bland. No taste, as a soup itself Minestrone is different from region to region and season to season. So when the chef came out and told me that this is possibly why i didnt like it, all i wanted to say was that no matter the ingredient, no matter the region, no matter the season, there is no excuse for something so tasteless !

The anti pasti was actually the only halfway decent dish. peppers, artichokes, olives, parmesan and mushroom. Not bad at all, pickled to perfection.

Both the pastas were highly recommended by our server, the pasta Paccheri was tomato, cheese mostly on a heavy pasta, the risotto was walnuts and cheese.

Horrid. Shocking how weak the food was, the paccheri was generic, the risotto could have been made with paper.

The chef came out and we had a long chat, i hate talking to chefs, i wouldnt like it if someone told me how to do my job and i get the feeling that they feel the same way. Which is why i dread being asked what i think of the food.

Overall, the place is business like but comfortable and fairly well laid out. The service is friendly, prompt but they seem to freaking clueless as to how bad their food is. Chef Mayank who was cooking is apparently headed to Vetro when it reopens.

Food : 3/10
Service : 5/10
Damage : 2250


djk said...

Gaurav it seems you are very busy. Hope things are fine with you.

Gaurav said...


its been crazy, the film ive been working on for 2 years comes out soon and has been taking priority over life.

ill have something of an update over the weekend i hope.

thanks for caring :)

djk said...

Good to know. Looking ahead to see your first film.

Wish you best luck.


Anonymous said...

i think u were looking for indian italian food ,that is why true italian was not up to ur taste

Gaurav said...

call it what you will, it was still bland as hell.

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