Sunday, October 11, 2009


Found myself in Bandra for a meeting along with my comrade Mr.Merchant. Since he has been a creature of the suburbs more than i have, we decided to go on his recommendation and headed to to Candies. Unfortunately Candies was packed like Sardines and the next best thing was Carter Road and so it ended up being Maroosh.

Mr.Merchant chose Maroosh, a) because it would be a quick lunch and b) because the owner happens to be a friend of his…

The place is very small, no air conditioning and no frills, the menu is Mediterranean with the accent on the middle east.

The beverages of choice were a Diet Coke & Water, good choices on a hot day out.

The hummus was creamy, with a drizzle of olive oil, very good, better than the textured, dryish hummus you get most places. Its a pity they scrimped on the pita.

The Paneer Makhani roll was unnaturally reddish orange, food color most likely, scared me a little. The taste itself was okay, spicy sort but not too much. Not bad but not great either. We also had the shwarma which was pretty good and juicy.

Overall, its not about ambiance or about comfort, nor does it have a lot of seating. However i am sure they do plenty of deliveries and its a great place to swing by late night for a quick bite.

Food : 7/10
Service 8/10
Damage : 400


The knife said...

I agree Gaurav, their hummus is one of the best in Mumbai. I am a big fan of their chicken shwarma too. Interestingly in Dubai the shwarma stall i went to served the chips and hummus separately from the shwarma. They don't pack in the chips unlike in Mumbai.

Give Candies a second chance though :)

Gaurav said...


i will give candies a second shot only because of how much you love them :)

Gaurav said...

by the way.. even the Taj scrimps on pita and tortilla... sigh.

The knife said...

Gaurav...let me know when :)

I wonder if we use hummus too spariingly. I had some at one of the Dubai malls recently. There, too, the hummus lasted way beyond the pita

Gaurav said...

hmm.. that is quite a point.. although i find it criminal when folks charge for extra pita or tortilla

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