Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sun

Rest : The Sun
Location : Napean Sea Road, near Urvashi.
Meal : Dinner

The Sun to me is one of the best restaurants serving Indian food and is a little South Bombay secret. They have a branch at Breach Candy but i have never been there. While its not expansive fine dine, its not a hole in the wall either. Limited seating and brilliant food.

The taste is good and fairly unique, just that different compared to any other place serving similar cuisine which is mostly North Indian.
The tomato soup wasnt that great ! light, sweetish.

The garlic naan was okay, not very impressive.

The Malai kofta is pretty much the best dish on the menu. I could probably stuff my face with a portion alone.

We also got a green peasy curry which was also fairly good. the Kashmiri Pulao is also one of their signature dishes.

Overall, the place continues to be briliant and value for money, for anyone in and around the area, give it a go. you wont be dissapointed.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 1400 for 4.


Anonymous said...

Your picts have come a lil grainy....did you change your camera?

Gaurav said...

nah, its just dodgy lighting...

Anonymous said...

I am confused. You say the restaurant has brilliant food and yet, three of the five entrees you've featured in the post were fair or just ok, in your opinion. That makes the description pretty ambiguous, don't you agree? "Brilliant" and "fair or not impressive" have contradictory meanings.
Just offering some constructive criticism...while your blog covers a fairly wide range of dining options in Bombay, I think it will be a better blog if you are more articulate about how you describe the food you've tasted.

Gaurav said...

thanks for your comment. the restaurant is usually brilliant though they do have an off day once in a while.

of the two entrees one was fantastic and the other by comparison was merely good. both of which you will agree are clear.

the naan wasnt too great but that to me is never off putting. the soup was below par but its always been below par. its just not something they do very well and my kid brother just needs tomato soup at dinner.

again, the meal is always a mixture of things, some important some not so important.

i hope that clears a few things, ill make it a point to be a little more explicit and less stream of consciousness next time.


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