Tuesday, May 12, 2009

London Eats Part 2

Ping Pong
My good friend Leonardo Purcell and i were meeting after two years, we walked from Leicester Sq outwards looking for a place to eat. Somehow we managed to get on Great Marlborough street and figured Dim Sums are worth a go.

Ping Pong is a fairly interesting place, the ambiance is tremendously modern and the accent is on the hip. The menu is a la carte or one can opt for set meals. They have a veggie meal and plenty of other options too. Leo went for the sea food meal and i opted for the veggies.
The veggie set lunch was 12 quid and offered

2 veggie puffs


2 spinach and mushroom
1 vegetable bun
2 spicy vegetable
1 vegetarian sticky rice

2 vegetable spring roll

Side dish
1 fresh pickled vegetables

Sticky black rice pudding

portions were pretty small, but there was enough coming so it works out okay i guess. The food itself was average, some of it was good while some was not so good. The dipping sauces were pretty weak, nothing great there. The dessert was disgusting.

Overall, the place is very cool, you can probably just have a few drinks and then move on elsewhere. Leo did say that his stuff was good, so maybe the carnivores should give it a shot.

Meal for 2 with a couple of pints was about 30 Pounds.

Hummus Bros

Hummus bros in the west end is a place my friend Giacomo Hugo Alfredo Morelli recommended for our once in four years dinner out.

The place is fairly similar to the Falafal joint we have here except its a lot more hip and serves more as a sit down and dine place than a fast food motif.

The concept is simple, you pick a base (hummus of different type) you pick a topping (mushrooms for me) and order pita (brown or white)

and then you dig in. I wouldnt have gone in here because its not exactly something i dont get to eat in Bombay itself, however the ambiance was far superior as was the food itself. The mushrooms were big and chunky and the pita was fresh. On more than occasion i have found Falafal in Bombay makes my stomach upset but that wasnt the case with ANYTHING i had in London...

Meal for two would run 20 pounds.


Rush said...

yummm...gives me the idea of a flatbread hummus based pizza..will try grilling it soon and post it to my blog...visit my RushmeetsGrill

Prerna said...

Mannn!!! I wish i knew that you had gone to London. I've lived in London for a year and trust me it's food heaven. The food is even better than anywhere in Canada or the US or any other place in Europe or the middle east.

Loved your reviews for the restaurants you visited. A must try next time is Cafe Pacifico which serves tex-mex food and located a few steps away from the Covent Gardens T-stop.

Another popular dim-sum place is called yauatcha in SOHO and it's yummylicious...

Just Falafs is a good place to try falafels on the go... located at Soho as well as convent gardens.

For oriental food, Banana Leaf at Clapham is a must try. It's not run-of-the-mill food. It's worth the hike and definitely value for money.

Busaba is thai and good for vegetarians. If you like sushi, then try Yo Sushi! The experience is not worth missing.

The is list is way too long and I am salivating already... give me shout the next time you decide to go to England!

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