Friday, February 13, 2009

Thakar Club

Rest : Thakar Club
: Bowels of Kalbadevi

: Lunch

: Ze Wife & Patman.

Thakar club is an old name in Thali dining and is located in the old Kalbadevi area, take a cab and walk up from where Kalbadevi begins opposite Metro. Do not drive and do not try to drive their directly by any other route or you will spend hours in wonderful traffic.

the place is an old building and on the first floor in keeping with the tradition of most older joints such as this. the place has a bit more decor when compared to a place like Joshi club but is significantly less spiffy than a Samrat or Status. However the place is small but functional.

the meal starts of like other thali meals with some salad and chutneys.

we got a dal a kadi, dahi vada and three veggies. they also served rotis, puran polis and bajra rotis, papad, rice & khichadi.

the chaas was nice.

Overall, the food was allright, not the best i have had, solid and slightly above average. However my fellow lunchers thought it was very good. I dont think so. The desserts were extra and not part of the thali which i think is a bit of a rip off (not that they were good anyway)

The service was ok.

Food : 7/10
Service : 7/10
Damage : 390


Shweyta said...

This is a great blog. Being from Mumbai, it's amazing for me that someone is documenting the various food places, across the spectrum, so well. I am adding your blog link to my Cuisine Club's blog listing. We are at: I think you will appreciate our blog as well as our idea of the club.

Juhi said...

Well, people have recommended this place to me also and I have never ended up going. After reading your review I doubt I will go.

Would you recommend a good thali place in South Mumbai?

Gaurav said...


hi, well, my wife loves thali coz she is not from round here, so i take her a new place every time i go.

Samrat & Status do adequate thalis, Joshi club is very unglamorous but its my fav so far but the wife does not like it. Rajdhani & Golden Star have a big name but are completely average, Chetna is dreadful. The reviews for all of these should be somewhere on the blog.

the next one i am trying is Panchvati at Marine Lines.

if you have any specifics please do drop me a line :)


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