Thursday, February 05, 2009

Santosh Sagar

Rest : Santosh Sagar
Loc : Matru Ashish Bldg, opp Russian Consulate Napean Sea Road

I grew up eating at Santosh Sagar, having lived right above the place i can still remember evenings were painted with the smells of the chaps making Pav Bhaji right below. Yum!

They do brilliant, crisp dosas but i went for the masala pav, which isjust bread, onions and spicy masala. great !!!

the words best pav bhaji can be had right here. i do frequently, its one of the best things to eat in not only the city but the world. a culinary masterpiece from the streets. Brilliant!!! all pav bhaji must compete with this.

just on a lark we also got the pizza, it was okay, no great shakes. should have gone for the dosa.

No matter what it is you order here you have to wash it down with a Thums Up for the right kind of kick in the head.

The place is great to grab a bite at night, chaps are friendly and you can eat in your car if you want to. Service is fairly quick.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 200


Juhi said...

I like this place...nice, tasty fast food.

I also like Shiv Sagar at Churchgate...the Chowpatty Sukh Sagar seems to have gone down in quality, though.

I also enjoy Swati Snacks' Pav Bhaji and Masala Pav. Another great place for Pav Bhaji according to me is Elco in's delicious, served with dahi vada and gulab jamun. They also make quite a nice falooda - I relished it with my pav bhaji.

Gaurav said...


Shiv Sagar at kemps corner is walking distance from where i live but i prefer Santosh Sagar at Napean Sea Road. In fact i just had their Pav Bhaji for dinner last night.

very yum !

i have never had Pav Bhaji at Swati, i have a sort of fixed menu there the panki, the dahi misal and dahi puri. then im done.

thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

OMG pav bhaji...if I ever ate this much butter again I would have a cardiac sure of that place at Tardeo...Sardar, still around...their pav bhaji was pretty solid.

Gaurav said...

Sardar is still around but i have been there maybe once in my life.

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