Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attacks II

The battle continues to rage at the three locations, still have had no word about my friends father and others as of yet. Hoping and praying for the best. I went around for a drive around 8am this morning and it was fairly quiet.

However i drove to work around 9.30 and was happy to see most of my staff here and the others said they were running late but would be here. I was also extremely happy to see traffic outside, for once in my life. Means people are not giving in, they are fighting back the only way they can, by squeezing their fear.

I hope this all ends soon and we can go back and rebuild. I am going to continue updating the blog in anyway i can with information for people. Also will continue going out and updating this blog.

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.



Samantha said...

Hi Gaurav,
I found the link to your blog on Lulu's blog and have been a silent reader for a while. I have been watching the terrible events in Mumbai on the news and have been so shocked and saddened by it all. I am glad your family are ok however I am sorry for the loss of your friend's father.

Mumbai is a great city which I visited last year when I stayed at the Trident and attended a wedding at the Taj. My home city London was also targetted by terrorists in 2005 and I guess the best thing is to try and carry on with life as normal and not let the terrorists win. I pray for all the innocent victims and send all good wishes to your great city : )

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Hey Gaurav...I often stop by your blog and feel terrible for you and your friends loss!

I have pleasant memories of growing up in Mumbai and visiting/eating/staying at the Taj and the Oberoi....and am saddened by the recent attacks on them. I am sure that all the citizens of Mumbai will put these awful memories aside and help rebuild these wonderful hotels, especially the splendid edifice...the Taj!

Gaurav said...


Thanks both of you. It does feel fairly violating when this happens in places you frequent.

What is frustrating is the knee jerk reaction to security from everyone which means you cant go most places in the city.

With time i am sure things will return to normal, lets face it what other choice do we have.

Until then i can mourn with my friends for their loss and resolve to be the first one at the Taj when it reopens.

Thanks again.


mexicanmasala said...

My husband is from Bombay and was completely shocked and consumed with news the entire time this was going on. I'm glad you're safe and that things have seemed somewhat normal now. Very sad...:-(

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