Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dinner at Kebabs n Kurries & my disappointment with the ITC chain

My recent dinner at Kebabs n Kurries left me fairly disappointed. The food was above average, the service was good however we close to 4000 for a dinner for three without any alcohol and frankly i feel it was a monumental waste.

ITC has raised prices up to 30% by classifying its property as a gold property. What that essentially means is that you pay more for things but you there is nothing new on offer except for a gold label. The food is the same though not as good anymore, the menu is limited as well. T increase in price seems excessive as one can get better meals for a lot less city wide. What made Kebabs special is no more a case as the expense hardly seems justified.

I am going to stick to the Taj & The Oberoi for sometime now when it comes to fine dining.

we started with some fried paneer, stuffed with more paneer and some other veggies. It was completely bland, some salt and hot sauce made it a go though.

ITC continues to be one of the few people who offer a can of thums up and kudos to them for that.

the breads were dissapointing all around. Garlic Naan & Roomali

The Dal Bukhara was stupendous, the qaz e qaza was spicy.

Overall, the food was above average, the service and ambiance was top notch.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 4000 without drinks

Not value for money by a long shot.


Manik said...
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Manik said...

Dude, The world indeed is a small place. Internet has made it all the way more smaller. I just love this.

Am a hardcore foodie who landed here in Mumbai from Delhi about six months back. I too have a penchant for food, but with a difference.

I prefer exploring the unexplored. ITC's, Grand Hyatt's etc is something which everyone throngs to. My motive is to try those joints that are low on pretension and high on value for money and dining experience.

As I have a very fair limited amount of knowledge, I did try certain joints on my own. Want to try more.

Let me know your views.

Great knowing you!!!

4:21 PM

Gaurav said...
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kuldeep said...

hi this is piyush from dehradun...hey buddy u dont no any thing about k&k restaurant..what they serve to the guest nobody can food taste..they serve the quality of food...they never compromise with food we dont say any type of dissappointing things like what u the way whatever u told about k&k rest.i think u dont have any knowledge about food quality,taste,etc..

Gaurav said...

Dear Piyush/Kuldip,

If you look around the blog you will see that Kebabs n Kurries is one of my fav restaurants. Despite the price i have dined there often enough.

This particular meal was not as good and add to that the huge increase in price. I call them like i see them.

I am glad you like KK as much as i do but try and be objective.

Hope you arent trolling.

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