Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Eve Dinner - New Year Brunch.

My new year's eve Dinner, for the second year in a row was at Moshe's. They had a new menu and i wanted to go someplace quiet which wouldn't have jacked up prices for a one night crapavanza.

Anyway, like i said the menu has changed and we started of with the pumpkin and orange soup for me and the wife had her patent tomato with peas. Well honestly my soup was just slightly worse than hers, but both were quite crappy.

The fondues are still on the menu and we went for the usual Gorgonzola with garlic and sun dried tomato. Excellent as usual.

The entrees were Sicilian Risotto a tried and tested dish, which was again excellent as usual. The other entree was a new one, it had skewered peppers, paneer and veggies and was served with a side of rice in lentils. Excellent stuff again. Absolutely top notch.

I had a few glasses of some German Riesling. Sweetish, decent after taste refreshing.

Damage : 2500.
Food 7/10 (due to crap soups) Service 8/10

Do check them out and get some dishes of the new menu.

* The images aren't mine, too lazy to upload for now.

7 Minoo Manor
Badhwar Park
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

New Year Brunch was with the wife and a friend of hers. We ended up starving marvin and since we couldnt come up with anything else we ended up at the Cafe Basilico in Bandra. I had already been here once this past week but we got everything different this time around.

Mulligatawny soup, not bad but not exactly the spicy, hot soup it is supposed to be. Gallop does it really well. The pasta salad without the chicken was also excellent. Cold and tasty. The Moroccan broth was top notch, served with a side of couscous. We also the conchiglie which was basically a arrabiata sauce without the spicyness. Very rich tomato taste, well done again.

Pity they dont serve any wine. Overall, it was a great meal.

Food 9/10 Service 8/10

Damage 1200

Go there and try out some of the unusual suspects, fairly rewarding.

St. John Road, Opposite Gold's Gym
Pali Naka
Bandra (W), Mumbai

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