Monday, January 21, 2008


Restaurant : Namak
Meal : Dinner
Company - 6 people

Namak is part of the newly renovated Sahara Star beside the domestic airport. The hotel itself is still waiting on the finishing touches. However its like toy land, dont know what purpose it serves to have something this excessive (imagine, a lagoon, laser shows, fire breathing vents, smoke shows every 30 mins or so) Sounds like something someone would do in the Middle East all hopped up on oil money. Grand yes, classy nope, tasteless? you bet.

Anyway, enough about the hotel. The restaurant is laid out around the circular atrium of the hotel, all the restaurants are laid out within this circular section (they have a total of 7, restaurants and bars included)

There is very little ambiance to speak of within the section, generic tables and chairs nothing more. The plates and glass do have a very ethnic feel to it but the overall experience is fairly vanilla.

The food itself is top notch, just as good as Kebabs Kurries and Saffron. We had the paneer makhani (excellent) the dal makhani (excellent) the aloo achari (good) the breads (naans, roomali) were both all right.

I was fairly disappointed by the level of service, though quick, it was aloof and not very friendly. Table replenishments of onions and pappadums were not near as good as at ITC.

Damage : for 6 without drinks 3000

The pricing is slightly lower than Saffron and ITC (about 20%)

Food - 9/10 Service 6/10

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