Monday, November 05, 2007

Best Pizza Ever - Papa Johns

I have been a huge Papa Johns pizza fan, unfortunately since i moved back to India all i could get here was Dominos which is why i never really order out much. Dominos always seemed sub par. However I was driving down from the suburbs and saw a Papa Johns pizza outlet. Pulled over and picked up a pie (14inch, Margarita, 295) cheese sticks (65) bread sticks(45)

It was so good. Firs thing i checked was if it looked like it did back in college and it did. It tasted just the same as well. The taste is in the sauce mostly, it just has an amazingly good taste, very different from anything else notched up by Dominos or Smokin Joes, Garcia's does a unique sauce as well but nothing like this.

The cheese sticks are almost like the pizza just crisper and without the sauce. The bread sticks were disappointingly, over salted.

However everyone with me loved the pizza and we are hoping an outlet opens this side of town soon.

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Lyndyn said...

Cool! You have updated your blog! I enjoy reading the entries very much. I KNEW you had to have been eating out, but just cruelly keeping the adventures from us! :o) Have a great day and thanks!

Your reader from Akron, Ohio (USA)

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