Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bembos - South American Burger Joint in Suburban Bombay

Things just get weirder and weirder. On my way back from the burbs i get a call and pull over (too much work to go run over people and go to prison) i look around and see this sign Bembos Burger A South American Burger Joint.

Now that is NEW. I thought it was some marketing schtick but actually Bembos is from Peru and they have quite a few outlets there as well as in Panama, India is their first sort of first major sojourn out of S. America.

Boy are we lucky they found their way here. They make some killer burgers, its not fast food, its good food quickly (apologies to the movie i stole that from) place like McDonalds seemed to have just focus on the branding aspect but the truth is i never 'feel' like going to McDonalds or 'want' to have their burger.

Bembos, is whole another story. they offer some seriously tasty burgers, they have figured out that a bunch of Indians are vegetarians so instead of offering one or two options they offer a classic, a bean and spinach, a south American and a north American burger. Add to this a whole bunch of options (pickes, onions) etc its more like eating at a Grill rather than a fast food place.

The decor is a bit childish, but that does not really matter now does it?

Check it out, you wont regret it. they deliver as well.

34, Manorama Chambers,
Opp. India Bank, S.V. RoadBandra (W), Mumbai

26415599, 26415600, 67100625

Nirmal Lifestyle
LBS Marg
Mulund (West), Mumbai


Harvard College Latina Empowerment Conference 2007 said...

Whohoo! So proud! I'm Peruvian, veg, and used to work in Bembos as a part-timer way back when. I just found out about this while crazily google-stalking Mumbai joints, now that I'll be moving there. Yay! I love India. Though if you have other Mumbai-related suggestions, send them my way. I have had the luck to be only all around the South before. This will be my first time up North :)

Gaurav said...


well, drop me a line and ill recommend some stuff for you. its gauravgjain at gmail dot com.

Ideally, you would want to try the following things while you are towards the North

Chaat (fast food)
Mughlai & Tandoori
Pav Bhaji

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