Thursday, October 26, 2006

A meal from memory lane - Aladdins Natural Eatery

Aladdins is one of my fav restaurants anywhere. My first experience was at their Ithaca outlet which is just of Cornell the Cornell campus. It was a memorable meal coz i was accompanied by three very pretty ladies.
Anyway they have a few other branches in Pittsford & Monroe Ave both in Rochester and one more in Syracuse.

The food itself is a splendid mix of Mediterranean and it walks a fine line between Italy and the middle east along with some bits of Greece. The food itself is just fantastic. I used to eat there so much i got sick of it.

My usual meal there comprised of
Veg Chili ($2.95) which was served with Pita also a must have was an order of their Hummus ($5.50) also served witht he Pita.

The next course was usually very difficult because the usual option was a fab medit salad with feta cheese and greens ($5) or a falafal pita ($4.25)  or plain Falafal platter ($4) which came with some hummus and tahini yoghurt sauce.

The pasta were very interesting from memory they offered you a choice on what pasta you wanted and thats not what shape but literally how you wanted them flavoured. like plain or one was some red pepper thing another was pistachio. very awesome.

they had quite a few options but the ones i usually picked were Pistachio which was pasta in creamy sauce with pine nuts and goat cheese ($7.95) Pesto and Parmesan ($7.50)

Desserts were ok. i always went for the Spanakopita. The amazing thing is you would end up spending maybe $30 on a meal for two people and thats a lot less than what i have paid for some crappy meals in 5 Star Hotels (read Souk at the Taj)

The wine list was ok from but the memories were great! next time i am in new york im bloody driving up the 6 hours to rochester for a meal.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Gaurav,
Saw your blog in searching for Rochester. I do reviews on my site too and linked up yours of Aladdin's to my post. See it in your spare time!
In some ways I think our theme is same from limited posts I have seen on your site- finding vegetarian options! hope I'm right.

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