Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Distillery - Mt Hope, rochester

i know i know, this isnt bombay but hey, this is my blog. so read and enjoy it.

The Distillery was a stones throw from a few friends who lived together on 365, Mt Hope bag opp the Mt. Hope Cemetery. The place itself is a sports bar and is typical wood, big tvs, nice big bar, very good help as well.

It gets superfriggincrowded, people have to WAIT to get a table from the middle of the week onwards. A friend said they were opening closer to where i used to live in Henrietta and another further up in Pittsford. Good for them.

They had a nice expansive menu and i usually got Bruschetta ($6.59) Loaded Fries ($6.99) Cheese Quesadillas ($6.50) Nachos ($6.50) Garden Burger ($6.50)

Topped with $4 Margaritas which used to also end up being 1 for 1 free and was one of the few places in Roc that served Stella Artois. I regret not having more American Beer while i was in America.

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