Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indigo Deli

Rest : Indigo Deli
Meal : Late Late Lunch or an Early Early Dinner
Date : 22/6/2006
Location :Near Regal Cinema, Colaba,
Company : Pie

Experience - Was really hungry and a friend had mentioned the food at Indigo deli. Being right across it i figured it isnt much of a stretch to walk in. i got the first table and sitting inside reminded me a of a more minimalist/modern Brasserie somewhere out of Milan. Love the ambience (although the generic football fever is boring!)

Drink : Mango Smoothie, Lime-Soda

Food : They have a nice expansive menu, from breakfast eggs in half a dozen styles, to main courses, pasta etc. We went for the baked mac&cheese with a side of mashed potato, the pizza with olives, sundried tomato and a tangy cheese, also got a side of garlic potato. The pasta was very good, not too cheesy it had this sourish taste, worked very well for mac and cheese, a diff take. However i like my baked thing to be a bit more dry but no harm no foul. The pizza, well i heard TOO much bout it so i was a little dissapointed. the crust is impossibly thin and crunchy. Like a poppadum but the taste worked out well. I wouldnt try it again simply coz its too friggin thin and there are a few other things on the menu i really want to try. The Mash potato, oh my god. heavenly, best mashed potato i have ever had. the garlic potato sucked real bad. it was raw and then i asked em to change it and it was too well done.
All in all a good meal, decent portions, but very enjoyable meal. cant wait to go and try some other stuff.

Rating : Food 8.5/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 1063 ($25 )
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