Sunday, June 04, 2006

Crepe Station Breakfast.

Rest : Crepe Station
Meal : Breakfast
Date : 3/6/2006
Location : Bandra Carter Road
Company : Pie

Experience - Slow, slow morning, hankering for a western breakfast. Couldnt think of any other place and had ZERO desire to go 5 star. Got there around 11 am were 4 tables full so it was an ok time of the day. My second time at CSation and this time i sat on the outside at the Al-Fresacish space to keep an eye on my car, not knowing the parking traditions of Bandra.

Drink : Mango Juice (not bad at all) Coffee (ok) Watermelon juice x 2 (complimentary with the dishes we ordered)

Food : I ordered the English Breakfast sans the bacon and pie ordered a sandwich. The waiter was kind enought offer mushrooms to replace the bacon which i readily accepted. the Breakfast consisted off 2 eggs sunny side up, grilled tomato, mushrooms, sides of toast. was just wat i needed. delicious, filling, fun. Took me away from bombay for a bit. The sandwich wasnt bad either. I highly recommend the mornings at Crepe Sation, they also have a new joint at juhu. The sandwich was served with a small potato salad which was very good.

Rating : Food 8.7/10, Service 9/10

Damage : 500 ($12)

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