Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Sun, Napean Sea Road

Rest : The Sun,
Loc : Napean Sea Road,
Meal : Lunch

The Sun, is still, in my opinion the best Punjabi restaurant in Bombay, it has been consistent for over 25 years that i have been going there and despite its extremely small size it really delivers big. The menu is fairly traditional and relatively expansive but a lot of the dishes are executed in their own unique way which thankfully hasn't changed over the years.

Start off with a stash of poppadums while we wait for lunch to begin. 

The Chana Masala was decent and it was the first time we ordered it, the navratan korma was its old sweet spicy self. 

The Malai Kofta to rule all Malai Kofta dishes worldwide. For all the years i lived away, this was the one dish in this one restaurant that signified home. Its just so uniquely done and has such a unique flavor, it will imprint itself in the taste center of your brain, never to leave. 

what is a punjabi lunch without some Garlic Naan ? 

The Small neighbourhood restaurant continues to kick major ass, we have been loyalists every since it opened and continue to do so. A lot of people who have been here agree. I dont write about it much since i dont want it to get popular at large.

They have a branch at Breach Candy, which i have oddly never been to.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 2500 for 6. 


Soham Shah said...

I usually judge any punjabi restaurant on the basis of how they cook/prepare Malai Kofta. I'm a big fan of Malai Kofta and if it is not prepared well then it just turns me off.

I will have to try The Sun's Malai Kofta whenever I am in Mumbai :)

Rajan said...

A nice review and Sun at Napean Sea Road has been one of my favourites too. A small input from me is that next time you do visit this place, then do try their Stuffed Capsicum and Stuffed Tomatoes. Both these are dishes which you would seldom find in any restaurants in Mumbai and if you do get it their preparation will be vastly different from the one you get at Sun.

Gaurav said...

@soham - yes absolutely. i agree wit you. some of them make it a sweetish preparation which is not at all how it should be. You should def try The Sun. you will not be disappointed.

@Rajan - i am totally going to try their stuffed tomato/capsicum as you recommend. in 25 odd years we haven't ordered more than 5 dishes here which is quite embarrassing i suppose. thanks for writing :)

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I have passed by this place but never really went in for food. This will be on my to-do list now

Gaurav said...

check it out and let me know how it goes.

Neha Chopra said...

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