Monday, June 15, 2015

Masala Library w my Pops

Rest : Masala Library
Meal : Lunch
Loc : BKC

While i have been to Masala Library a few times now, this time i was able to take my dad along as we were both heading to a meeting in Andheri post lunch. Being a Saturday i was not sure if we would get a table and tweeted ML the night before and they got in touch. After a brief time on the waitlist i was assured a table for 1.30.

Annoyed that they claimed to be full, i wanted to make sure they weren't just pulling the old trick, (they weren't. when we got there, ours was the only empty table)It was very kind of them to accommodate us.

We started out with the pappad platter, which is still pretty kick ass and like all papad platters a bad idea when on a table for two. we kinda filled up on this but it was still worth it. 

the pesto kebabs, dryish, hint of pesto with a little sweetness, not your regular old kebab this one. The Paneer had a grainy texture and a very familiar taste, it was served with bits of asparagus which was interesting but didn't add to the dish at all. 

the mushroom chai brought out like tea service for two, with dried mushrooms representing tea leaves, truffle powder representing sugar and a mushroom broth representing water. still a hit.

the mishti doi palate cleanser is a so good. they should bring em out in stacks.

this was the malabari parotta served as a quesadilla , i recall it being on the money and pretty different

This was the aloo tikki i think, served with a little bit of corn and chana, again, dry but on the money. 

the dessert was this pista burfi thing paan style with coconut foam on the side. too rich, should have gone for something else. It was not bad, just not my thing. 

Overall, the food continues to be pretty good, it was a pity we missed the tasting menu time slots, i would have really liked my dad to have experienced the wider menu but perhaps another time. I do wish they expand the menu somewhat, having been there four times now, it seems like the same stuff each time.

We didnt get to the mains at all because we stuffed ourselves on the appetizers and the papad platter did most of the damage.

Still a great place to go once or twice a year.

Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 4500 without drinks (pretty expensive for just appetizers. word to the wise, the tasting menu is way WAY better value for money) and most importantly, dont let your dad see the check.

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