Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Rest : Cheval
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Kala Ghoda,

While heading to try out Mexiloko, the wife, kid brother and the sis in law all decide to head to Cheval instead, i protested but to no avail. So off we went to Kala Ghoda.

Cheval is an interesting space, i love the location and what they have done with it, inside too its got plenty going on and is a well designed space overall. They have a decent bar and one can simply hang there if needs be. 

The menu however is fairly generic, Italian heavy with the one exception being the Sandwiches and its the only place i know of in the city that serves a Ploughman's 

the fig & mozzarella salad was okay, could have been way, way better then it actually turned out. a little colder with some more figs to play down the bitterness of the rocket.  

the mushroom on toast was fantastic, gone in less than 30 seconds this one. should have ordered seconds..

the gruyere souffle was not quite worth the wait, okayish but the little sauce it came with for the toast was pretty bad. 

the wild mushroom risotto or a version of it can be found on many a menu now, as they go, this one was pretty good..

the pizza with mushrooms was terrific. thin, crispy with loads of flavour. unfortunately it cooled very quickly. which kinda killed it for us. 

the black truffle gnocchi with bits of asparagus was outstanding. stuffed with bleu cheese and cream, heavy but not so good flavour. 

the spinach and ricotta ravioli was bland and tasteless. nothing going on here. def a waste. 

kid brother does not like spaghetti and insisted on Penne for his aglio olio which to me is pretty much as close to blasphemy as one can get. not sure if it was the change in pasta but this was just a totally bad.. nothing good there. 

Overall, the space is nice, a tad eclectic but well lit and can be a nice place to dine. The wife and her friend had a fantastic meal there which is why they rated it highly, however we ordered dishes completely diff from what they had. 

The menu is inclusive and fairly generic which is fine but such menus live and die by the execution which in this case is not quite there. too many misses.

And to top it all, its not cheap which really hurts. Might go there for a sandwich or pizza if im around but would avoid otherwise.

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 4500 for four without drinks.


Afreen Shaikh said...

Hey Gaurav, the images you have shared truly reveal that you have enjoyed food during this vacation. The foodstuffs appear truly tempting and I am now yearning to have a bite of the Pizza slice you have shown in the photograph.

Gaurav said...

hi Afreen, not a vacation, i live here :)

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