Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Simply Potatoes

I end up in Phoenix Mills quite often as its a great place to park and have a meeting. Walking around you can also see the place change every week. One of the new kiosks they have is for a baked potato vendor. I am a big jacket potato fan, spent a lot of time chowing on em in London and Arbys back in the US was a fav too. 

While this local joint does not offer too many choices, no baked beans etc they do have an offer of cole slaw and a Mexican version as well as one with Curry.

Chose the Mexican version which was actually not bad, tasty, a tad spicy and quick too. Not a bad way to spend 99 rupees, i do expect that price to go up soon though.

they also do a skewer of potato slices which taste like banana chips. avoid. 

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