Monday, August 06, 2012

The Big Nasty

Rest : The Big Nasty
Meal : Dinner
Loc : Near Olive, off Carter Road, Bandra

The Big Nasty, was a last minute choice, we hard three groups of people converging around 7pm and the best we could come up with was The Big Nasty. I had never heard of the place but was willing to give it a try. One of our parties was already in but they weren't getting a table for some weird reason.
When we entered we were stopped by a guard who asked for some money to give us a drinking permit for the day. Its good to see bars following the law, no matter how ridiculous and irrational it maybe. Anyway, the whole thing was quite weird, first they wouldnt let us through, then they made us get permits and insisted on a reservation. WTF.. is all i could think. Why do bars need reservations early on a Sat evening?

In any case, four of our party was made to wait, then we were offered a shitty table and once they saw we were a group of eight, they were able to give us a proper table almost immediately. I was already uninterested in being there after all this drama.

We got the veggie platter which had some average onion rings, some not so bad Quessadilas, fiery jalapeno poppers and a little bruschetta/crostini which was the best thing on the platter. Nothing great. and pray why the f*** would you serve a platter like this with sour cream?

The Nachos were extremely badly put together, the tortilla chips seemed readymade out of a pack, the beans nor the the salsa had any real flavour. a complete, let down.

The Burger we got had an option to be turned up to the Big Nasty Burger which is a double patty for 50 rupees. unable to resist a bargain i doubled up and naturally i lost. The decision came to haunt me as now i had doubled the size of a completely horrid burger. It was basically a potato patty with some pickle and a slice of cheese.
Even students in a college cafeteria could do a better job for sure.

we had a couple of beers, although i didnt drink any, there might have been a cocktail as well, cannot recall.

Overall, the place is well laid out but the ambiance is terrible. They played absolutely horrendous music (The CD must have been labelled the WORST of the 90's)

The menu is mostly Americam/Tex Mex but the food has pretty much no redeeming quality at all, nor does the place. For folks who make it such a pain in the ass to enter and get a table they seem to avoid filling the giant holes in their sofas.

No way im going back and i reckon you should stay the hell away too, unless you are looking for misery.
Food : 3/10
Service : 6/10
Damage : appetizers and some beers for a party of 8 at 6000.

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