Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Geoffreys - Gone Downhill?

Geoffrey's has been a favorite watering hole ever since it opened up, the drinks were well mixed, reasonably priced and they have always had an acceptable selection of food. Heading out for a drink meant heading out to good ol Geoffrey's (posts on Geoffrey's here)

We even had an appointed table where we would usually go and plonk ourselves down, guests, friends from abroad all got a visit or two, one of my impromptu wedding parties happened here as well, where we pretty much took over a section of the bar and were treated very well.

I was there last week with the intention of spending about 90 mins before a late dinner, so we could grab a few pints and then head on over. However it was so disappointing that we left just after one drink and elected to show up for dinner earlier and carry on there.

First of they had no oranges for the Hoegarden, secondly the drink itself ended up costing 465-475 with taxes (US$9.93 or GBP 6.3) which i think is immensely over priced. Secondly the complimentary bar snacks, which we have enjoyed over the past decade and a half, salsa, chips and peanuts took forever to show up. They would refill the chips or the salsa only one at a time which basically meant we just sat there noshing on god damned peanuts. In a relatively empty bar it was difficult to get attention.

Personally, i am not one to complain about the ridiculous prices we get charged in metros because a great deal is down to taxes and also to the monies that need to be paid for convenience (read bribes) but in all honesty, if the prices go up the service should atleast keep up rather than go the other way.

Today, there are plenty of bars/restobars one can head to for a drink and some bites. Back then Geoffrey's was a great alternative to a 5 star but now there are several options across the price range Woodside Inn, Indigo, Indigo Deli, Wink, Starboard, Dome, Aer to name just a few. Cheaper beer can be had at Mondegar, Leo etc.

So instead of upping their game Geoffrey's over the last few years they been a massive let down. Every time we go there we feel the service has gotten worse and the prices seemed to have jumped higher. During the IPL etc we used to avoid going there all together because they would jack up prices even more and we would be forced to nosh on ridiculous IPL theme dishes..

The only good thing they have going is that they introduced a new food menu a year or two ago which has some decent options at decent prices but seems too little too late for me personally.

What are your favorite watering holes wherever you are ?


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