Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen - Lower Parel

Rest : California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

Have been having loads of pizza of late and despite my not so good experience at their Bandra outlet somehow ended up here and decided to give them a second chance. Also, since we have been to just about every place Phoenix has to offer, the choice became easier.

The space is large and was mostly packed during lunch, seems like they are doing well, good for em.

Started off with a hummus which was okay, their pita is soggyish and leather but i think its meant to be that way. Weirdly it works..

The tortilla soups seems like its a regular tomato soup, so do stir it proper before tasting, it tastes great once you mix up the whole thing. Lovely.

Peppers and goat cheese, nice, a little sweetish but it was actually quite nice, the sweetness of the peppers gets dialed out by the salty sticky taste of the cheese.

The cappuccino and the latte they serve aren't too bad either.

The service is fairly quick, i guess they prepare a lot of the toppings etc in advance. Overall, the food here is not too bad and i would be happy to give them another shot, things have def moved up since last year.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 1100 for 2 with no drinks

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