Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Table

Rest : The Table
Loc : Colaba
Meal : Dinner
Company : Ze Wife & Mr.Patel

Having been in Europe for the best part of a month i was really looking forward to getting back to the dining scene in Bombay. One of the restaurants i was hoping to visit was The Table and the opportunity arose quite quickly.

My friend Mr.Patel, got a crazy ass salary bump and decided to treat us to dinner (or we sort of forced him into it, i cant quite remember) and we settled on Table. Table is located next to Indigo deli and across the street from the atrocious Le Pain du Quotodien.

The restaurant has a terrific ambiance which is testament to the radical changes taking place in the Indian restaurant scene. The ambiance seems formal but relaxed, its a good choice for an intimate dinner and less suitable for a loud night out with the boys.

The menu is European, with some original dishes constructed from an eclectic mix of ingredients. Additionally, the menu is severely limited and would be bolstered by daily specials.

We picked a snack from their snack section, a black olive and Parmesan breadsticks. Not bad, they need to be served with a dip or some sort of sauce.

Our appetizers began with baby eggplant and baba ganoush which had a center of feta and some lavash. A little sweeter than i would have liked, the feta worked to dial the sweetness down but overall it was pretty average.

Baby tomatoes in a sweetish sauce which i cant recall, not bad. But again just to sweet.

White asparagus in a lemon vinaigrette, the dish comes with an egg which i skipped. Not bad.

a peachy mango monstrosity which the wife ordered. there was a black currant mojito too which i didn't mind. They don't serve alcohol only wine and mocktails.

Rigatonic in a Porcini Bolognese - the dish is not bad but you need to augment it with lots of grated Parmesan and black pepper. Not too bad but not great either.

chick pea cube in for the life of me a sauce i cant recall. completely average.

Spinach and four cheese cannelloni in a marinara sauce, bland by itself but worked okay with the marinara sauce. not too bad.

souffled cheesecake. wasted.

molten chocolate with some ice cream which looked like a goat testicle (as mr.Patel observed)

Overall, the ambiance is great, the location nice and they serve wines by the half glass for those interested. The selection is fairly mixed with very little interesting picks.

The food overall, has one strength the ingredients seem fresh and that really elevates the dishes but even then, most of the food is average at best.

One of the things that turned me off was that the food arrived almost immediately which means it was kept prepared and plated before serving. I reckon if they take a little time and sort out their prep times, it will only help.

The dishes are either original or old fav's and its always good to see someone try things out. However, they have a long way to go in the taste department. Too much going and it ultimately takes you nowhere.

Service is not too bad, i find it weird that someone comes by with a giant basked of bread and asks you to pick a kind. I would prefer a basket that sits on my table.

A note : the restaurant is insanely expensive, for a stand alone restaurant which serves only average food, we ended up with a check for 7000 for 3 of us and we had no wine.

While originality is nice , a Rigatoni @ 750 is just way too high a price for what's at best an average dish with little imagination.

One can get a much much better meal for half the price by driving less than 5 mins in almost any direction. I think ill avoid a second visit.

Food : 6/10
Service : 7/10
Damage:7000 for 3 without alcohol..


Soham Shah said...

7000 for 3 without alcohol is insane no matter how much salary bump has been achieved ;) ..

Welcome back to Swadesh ..Looking forward to more reviews now !

Gaurav said...

Soham, it was insane. the food was alright, the ambiance okay and the service average.

No way the price was justified... im gonna have to take Mr.Patel out to make up for the dent we made in his wallet.

still shell shocked.

Reema Prasanna said...

This, when you get miffed with a place like this and write such hilarious reviews is when I miss meeting you the most :D

Gaurav said...

funny thing Reem's i went back a few times and not only is it a heap better, its in my opinion one of the best if not the best restaurant in Bombay.

Reema Prasanna said...

Yeah I know, have read all your tweets about The Table. Intend to go soon. Meanwhile, Aqaba & Spesso :)

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