Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eating Singapore

Back from my little workation in Singapore & a brief stopover in KL. Singapore, is a city i have great affection for, it nearly rivals the joy i have for the other two great cities i have been to (London & New York) although Singapore gives you the greatest gift of all, efficient use of time.When i think of a city of the future, i dont think of flying cars but i think of a place where i can pack loads of work and activity in a day and be home without wasting time in traffic and ridiculous long commutes.

Anyway, this is about food. Singapore has a very interesting local scene, plenty of fine dine, variety of cuisine and budgets from hawker to five star. One can sample from across Asia, (Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand) and also give some of the more modern takes on these cuisines a shot.

There is a strong Indian presence, especially South Indian and you would be surprised by how competetive some of the restaurants are vis a vis back home.

I would say Go Singapore and enjoy a modern city with loads of entertainment and good food.


Srishti said...

is that a sangria on the river front at clarke quay (may be at tapas tree?) that i spy? (: hope you visited original sin too!

Gaurav said...


that sangria is possibly from a drink somewhere in KL. dont know how it sneaked in there...

i did go to Clarke Quay, highland i think it was where we hung out.

didnt end up going to original sin.. no :(

next time maybe.

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