Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prakash - Fun Maharashtrian food

Rest : Prakash
Meal : Snacktime
Loc : Just ahead of Shive Sena Bhavan, Dadar

Prakash is a small no frill joint, on the same street as the Shiv Sena Bhavan (heading towards Worli) the ethos is old Udipi, eat good food quick and get out. The space is smallish, no air conditioning, you have to sit where you get space and you will find the odd line. None of these things, however is any sort of a deal breaker.

The menu is primarily Mahrashtrian snacks, appropriate since the area is a Mahrashtrian stronghold. They dont serve any soft drinks, which i find immensely annoying, you can however get a Piyush, which is a sweet almost shrikhand like drink, or a sickly sweet cup of Nescafe.

Its a different era in Prakash, from the table tops, to the uniforms and even the attitude of the waitstaff. They probably havent changed things much since their inception, which to me is a great thing, there is something to be said about tradition nowadays.

The Matha Misal, which is basically the normal misal with yoghurt, one of my fav dishes all around, Swati does an upscale version, this one is your working class dish, small portion, tasty and spicy as hell. Made the way it should be.

The day special was curry pulao, again, a basic dish, rice, veggies served with a fiery potato curry.. immenselye enjoyable.

Patra, fried little goodies, my mom makes these, but they are smaller and green, these are brown, cruncy and HUGE.

Thalipeeth, a firm favouraite of many, a traditional dish, i didnt think it too impressive though.

Prakash, also serves some sweets, i am not a big fan of local sweets, so avoid them but most of them look traditional dishes so should be worth a go.

A quick meal, a walk back in time, great tastes. Thats Prakash for you.

Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Damage : 230


Kaush said...

You missed mentioning the sabudana khichdi + prakash's yummy shing ki chutney.

That (+ the sabudana vada) is my favourite dish @ Prakash by faaaaaar!

The knife said...

Sounds interesting. I had heard about the Piyush here. Good you wrote about the place as hard core Mharashtrian places are largely hidden away

Chintan said...

Temptin...& Mouth Waterin stuff...

Tes said...

I have to try this when we stop by Mumbai next time.
Thanks for sharing,

Gaurav said...

@ Kaush - man even i can only eat so much :) the Sabudana khichadi is pretty good, the wife will attest to it from her last visit.

@ Knife - the piyush rocks, i love it. Shivaji Park is quite a hard core Maharashtrian strong hold.

@ Chintan - indeed.

@ Tes - i am sure you will enjoy it, also dont forget Swati for the Gujju stuff if you havent been already.

Bangalore said...
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Sassy fork said...

Have u tried AAswad at Shivaji Park

Gaurav said...

hi, never been to Aswad.. whenever i am in the area and have the time i just dine and dash at Prakash.. one of these days i hope.

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