Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thai Pavilion

Rest : Thai Pavilion
Meal : Lunch
Loc : Taj President, Cuffe Parade

Regardless of our new years eve revelry or lack thereof, we try and have an exceptional meal on new years day. That is how we ended up at Thai Pavilion, I hadn't been there in a while and regrettably so. TP has long been the lone fine dine vanguard for exclusively Thai Cuisine and is a hot favorite.

The menu is not limited nor is it expansive, somewhere comfortably in the middle, a small selection of soups, plenty of appetizers/salads/entrees, they also offer red, green, yellow and massaman pak for curries. The wine list unfortunately is hopeless and overpriced, especially if you are going by glass.

The ambiance is brilliant, Thai Pavilion underwent a major redesign around two years ago, designed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Super Potato fame. It was money well spent, you are surrounded by a potent mix of glass, wood and wine bottles which all comes together in minimalist form. The chairs could have been closer together.

beware of the hot sauce.. trust me and stay the hell away from it

after a lot of painful handwringing and analysis i chose a diet coke over an overpriced glass of wine or a mojito.

We began with soups which were served in little earthern pots. Right after they did their little trick, putting a pill sized thingy on your table and adding hot water to it. Voila, it turns into a hand tower. very cool.

The Tom Yum was good, a little hot and not as flavorful as some of the others i have had, yet it was not a bad start.

Mine was off the charts, coconut base with veggies and , a rich, thick broth with an intense taste, exactly what i expected.

Everyone always gets the Green curry and Massaman pak i had already tasted at Joss. So we chose the oft neglected Thai Red Curry with peanuts, hot, spicy and yet it had this sourish tang to it, a strong taste but not heavy on the palate. Not as spicy as you would expect either.

Green beans with bean curd in a garlic infused sauce, the dish was pretty much incredible. Sweet, spicy with a distinct flavour, highly recommended. Paired with the most delicate pad thai noodles i have ever had.

For dessert we had the platter. which served a chocolate macaroon with a lemon grass aftertaste, very good but i could have done without the aftertaste. There was pumpkin with something which was just sick. Another which had rose petals inside it and tasted like a liquid pan. The stand out was a simple and perfectly executed creme brulee.

Overall, Thai Pavilion is an exceptional experience on all counts. The ambiance is great, the food is brilliant, the service is friendly and knowledgabe (though they were a little slow our server Pramod brought out complimentary dessert to make up for it)

Food : 9/10
Service : 9/10
Damage : 3000 for two without drinks

Thai Pavilion
Hotel Taj President,
90, Colaba, Cuffe Parade,

Tel : 66650808


The knife said...

Thai Pavilion's my favourite thai place in Mumbai too. Nice photos and happy new year.

The red curry was a good choice as few places can get it right here. T P does

srishti said...

That looks really good, I'll definitely try it the next time I'm in Bombay.

On a different note, I wanted to suggest this great place in Andheri, 'Mainland China' that I tried a few years ago. I'd love to see a review and if it's still as good as it used to be!

Gaurav said...


thanks for your comment. I would urge you to try out thai pavilion. it was just an outstanding experience.

I have been to Mainland China,although i havent done a formal review. It was not too bad.

Unfortunately its too far to go right now but i will keep it in mind.


Haddock said...

Must visit this place.
(try to get some more light on the subject while taking indoor shots)

Gaurav said...

Thanks for the comment Haddock. However light is usually unavailable indoors in most places.

i dont like using the flash because it irritates other diners and i hate being a nuisance.

ill try but most of the time its the best i can do..

Adhish said...

Congratulations on the excellent pictures Gaurav. Have you shifted to a P&S by any chance?

Gaurav said...

Hiya Adhish,

Thanks man, been inspired by your pictures mate.

I am still using my regular Digital camera, a Sony W something 10.1 mp.

I have a film Canon EOS somewhere which i havent even looked at in years...

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