Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kebab Korner

Rest: Kebab Korner
Loc : The Intercontinental, Marine Drive
Meal : Dinner

Kebab corner is a place i have been planning on visiting but just never got around to. Part of it has to do with the deplorable Corleone next door which turned me off the Intercontinental for quite some time.
The food is mostly North Indian and kebabs which is apparent from the name. A whole bunch of restaurants under the 5 star chains do similar and comparable food.

KK is a relatively smaller in size when compared to Namak at Sahara Star or the monster that is Kebabs n Kurries at the ITC. However they make up for it with a brilliant, modern decor and a pretty classy ambiance.

we avoided starters and went in straight for the main course which was the Paneer Lababdar, Paneer in a tomato gravy, sweetish, sourish. Very good.

The Dal Makhani was exactly how it should be, the naan i was not impressed with.

The Biryani was average, dissapointing as it is their signature dish.

the dessert was Kulfi which was also okay.

Overall, the ambiance is brilliant and the food is decent but needs to climb another notch to be good enough to compare with the likes of Namak, Saffron, Kebabs n Kurries.

The service is friendly and attentive however i didnt like being railroaded into a bottle of water. I was never given an option to choose tap water, didnt argue as i get bottled water when i eat out in the monsoon.

Food : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Damage 2200 for two without drinks


The knife said...

I think Bukhara wd lead all 5 star kebab joints with their melt in your mouth kakori and many layered daal which tells stories of many Moghuls even in this day and age

Gaurav said...

Ive been to Peshawri which is more or less Bukhara, now i know its more a meat lover thing but i found my experience there below par.

In fact it wasnt even comparable to the impeccable Dum Pukth ten feet away...

Soham Shah said...

Just out of curiosity, how much do you spend on this experimenting-restaurant thing per month ?? ..

Gaurav said...


slightly less than the GNP of a small banana republic....

Soham Shah said...

Ha ha ha ha ..

Nice Answer !!

But I love reading your experiences .. You are doing a great job out there ..

Gaurav said...


thanks man ! keep visiting, ill try and update more often :)

Anonymous said...


Gaurav said...

i wont :)

ram said...

YUM-looks delicious! Photos alone are making me hungry! Have to pay this a visit the next time i am in India.

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