Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mia Cucina

Rest: Mia Cucina
Location : Bandra, West
Meal : Dinner

Mia Cucina is a Italian restaurant next to quite a few other ones. Like most other smaller Bandra restaurants its in a fairly smallish space (though there are smaller ones out there) the ambiance is fairly informal but comfortable.

The menu as the name suggests is Italian, do check out the cool printing job on the menu, very nicely done. Though i wish it was slightly more expansive in terms of options. There is plenty of dishes there but just not enough creativity, they could have done so much more.

the black currant with carbonation was cool. tangy, sweetish.

The Toscano was the soup i chose, they didnt have much to choose from and the soup was fairly drab, over salted and plain boring.

The Spinach & goat cheese risotto was splendid, the combination was perfect, the dish seemed the most interesting on the menu and i daresay it probably is the the best.

The home made pasta in tomato sauce, mushrooms & garlic was just average, the taste was not too great and the pasta was slightly under cooked.

Overall the place is okay, the menu is wanting but the food has some potential. Might be worth one more try.

Food : 6/10
Service : 8/10

Damage for 2 without drinks 1000.

Mia Cucina
Shop No 16/17
Gasper Enclave
Bandra (W), Mumbai 66710158, 66710159, 67104000


upon said...
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Ishan Chellaney said...

A few passing thoughts.. Firstly, fantastic, brief, yet informative, reviews! As a Cornell undergrad interning in Bombay, this blog has given me great perspective on choosing among the myriad restaurants that dot the city.

Being a Jain myself, I'm glad that much of the attention is given to restaurants that cater to veggies.

As for my personal favorites, I would go for Mia Cucina in Bandra. With a simple and cosy decor coupled with efficient service, this is the perfect place to have lunch/dinner. Touchingly authentic Italian dishes with a pinch of innovation make this place what it is. In all, excellent value for money (roughly 1000-1200 for 2)

Gaurav said...

Dear Ishan,

thanks for your comments. Mia Cucina is indeed allright but i for one prefer French over Italian.. Mia Cucina is a preference of the wife's.

I had friends at Cornell and i spent a couple of evenings hanging out with them in Ithaca.

In fact one of my fav NY restaurants is Aladdin right at the edge of your campus...


Ishan Chellaney said...

Dear Gaurav,

Thanks for the prompt reply. It is, indeed, a small world! I lived right across the street from Aladdin last year. However, being remote Ithaca, the choice of food is somewhat dismal.

Having spent much of my childhood in Paris, I consider myself somewhat of a Francophile. Albeit, when it comes to food, Italian hands down!

Btw, enjoyed your WSJ piece. It would great to meet up one of these days..

With regards,

Gaurav said...

Hi Ishan,

i used to fine out at Aladdin in Rochester quite often. Have fond memories of my evenings at Cornell on the two occasions i had been there.

I was in Paris this summer for a few days and loved it. I hope you do enjoy the city whilst you are here.

where are you interning?

Ishan Chellaney said...

I'm interning at BNP Paribas, a french i-bank.

Living in Bombay has been a great experience - the sheer intensity to this city is amazing.

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