Monday, August 25, 2008


Location: Breach Candy & Chowpatty

Over the last couple of years a handful of local outlets have come into the fast food game. One of the better ones is Hotwich. You will usually find them connected to gelato. I reckon they have quite a few outlets across the city.

The menu is fairly expansive and there are some really cool options. The Bombay club, cheese chilly etc etc.

the falafal sandwich was not good at all. plain, tasteless ,unimaginative. i would avoid this one.

the mexican is excellent, tasty, sweetish, spicy. brilliant.

most of the sandwiches are priced between 90-95 bucks which is slightly on the high side i think. the whole thing is put together in front of you and takes a few mins (longer than it takes to put together a sub)

food: 8/10
service :8/10
damage :200


Anonymous said...
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Jeep Parts said...

I visited there in chowpatti and it was great fun .

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