Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kiosk Franchises - Wraps & Rolls

Folks in Bombay have probably seen the bright yellow kiosks of Wraps & Rolls in places like Churchgate, Phoenix Mills, Bandra Link Road (total of 9 outlets in the city)

This fast food kiosk vendorship has spread fairly quickly across the city. The concept is simple, they serve roomali rotis (think they also have a soya option) and they stuff it with a veggie or a meat or paneer, they lade it with onions or garlic and then they add a specific sauce to it.

All done in a seemingly hygenic manner, way cleaner than Bade Miya. One of the other things they offer is the number of options available. You can choose from Lebanese Falafal, Paneer Tikka, Mexican Salsa, Greek, Schezwan amongst others (total between 14-18) options all between 35 for a small and 55 for a large.

Its yummy, its quick and you can have more than one. Def a better alternative to roadside stuff or compared to other rolls.

Just so people dont think i am getting paid to write this, there are criticisms too.

The biggest is that they dont offer any kind of a beverage service. For the kind of food they sell its impossible not to want a soda or juice of somekind. An impossible oversight, that they are not rectifiying (probably coz they dont want to or cant get a refrigertator together)

Second and probably most important is that the quality is not consistent i.e. the best rolls are at the original Phoenix outlet. I have tried Breach Candy which is allright, however the one in Bandra is downright bad.

So the quality is nowhere near as consistent as it should be.

Check it out.

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