Monday, October 29, 2007


Rest : East
Meal : Dinner
Company : Gotti, Ze Wife

East is a pan Asian restaurant but what sets it apart is that is offers some Malaysian dishes which are not usually available at other pan-Asian restaurants.

The decor is tikiseque, reminds me of Penang in NYC. However it has a fine dine feel to it and offers a upscale environment.

Food : The menu is short, and sweet, We started with some really bland steamed wontons def avoidable, the roti canai was a welcome dish, wished for more Roti however it was not great but it was def not bad. So far the only place i know that serves this. The green curry was not bad, the singapore noodles were average, the tofu was good.

overall the place has potential, it just needs to take the food up a notch and round out the edges.

the service is slightly scatter brained but friendly.

overall the damage was 1700 for 3,

food 8/10 service 8/10

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